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TeLL me More Arabic, Intermediate & Advanced

Multimedia solution for Arabic language learning. Intermediate and Advanced.
Auralog Inc.

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Price: $290.00

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Item #:AL218102



TeLL me More, the world's leading software for language learning, is valued by users and teachers alike for its speech recognition technology and personalized language courses.
TeLL me More now has more than 5 million satisfied users worldwide.

TeLL me More is the first language learning method based on the use of speech recognition technology. This collection of CD-ROMs is geared not only towards learning Modern Standard Arabic, but also introduces different Arabic dialects. The nuances of both the spoken language (comprehension and pronunciation) and the written language (written expression and grammar) are easily mastered using this software.

TeLL me More Arabic introduces the Standard Arabic used in newspapers, television broadcasts and between Arabic speakers of different nationalities. At the same time, an introduction to dialects such as Egyptian and Moroccan is also given.

This package contains levels Intermediate and Advanced will enable you to review and expand upon basic Arabic to reach a conversational level.

TeLL me More Product Content:

Intermediate: Reading the newspape, Shopping, Correspondence, At the post officeWatching TV, Bedtime story, At the market, Crafts, Topography of the Arab world, A soccer game, Arab music, Celebrating a birth, At the market (in Yemeni dialect).

Advanced: The country and the city, Trees and plants, Currencies, Transportation means, A traffic accident, A wedding party, Dining in a restaurant, At the hotel, Discovering the desert, Skiing, Participating in a radio show, Administrative formalities, A wedding party (in Algerian dialect).



Like the other products in the TeLL me More collection, TeLL me More Arabic makes use of the most up-to-date technology in order to make learning easier and more enjoyable.

Interactive Dialogues and Cultural Videos. Use your computer to practice speaking in an interactive manner and to perfect your pronunciation, with over 2,200 sentences and 30,000 words related to themes taken from daily life. The dialogues are designed to help students expand their knowledge with regard to different Arab cultures while simultaneously strengthening their vocabulary skills
More than 2,500 exercises. Enhance your learning with 21 different types of written and oral activities: Word Association, Picture/Word Association, The Right Word, Word Order, Fill-in-the-Blanks, Mystery Phrase, Dictation, Grammar Practice, Crossword Puzzles, Sentence Practice, Phonetics Exercises.
Grammar and Vocabulary. Consult 200 key grammar and conjugation points presented in a clear and concise manner.
4,300-Word glossary. Enrich your vocabulary with an audio glossary containing more than 4,300 words.


Two distinct lesson modes provide a simple learning method for everyone:
The Free-To-Roam Mode allows you to select the activities and exercises of your choice, giving you the freedom to create your own lessons.
The Guided Mode offers a predefined lesson plan. You can follow your progress using the Progress Chart.

Learn more about Arabic and Arab culture.
Numerous dialogues and videos make learning easier and more enjoyable. The cultural diversity of the Arabic-speaking world is illustrated using situations taken from traditional and everyday life.


State-of-the-Art Speech Recognition. Using speech recognition technology, TeLL me More is able to recognize what you say, evaluate your pronunciation and correct your mistakes. With the help of the voice graph and pitch curve, you can improve your pronunciation and intonation. Phonetic exercises and 3D animations will also facilitate learning the correct pronunciation of the 29 Arabic phonemes, including Hamza, Baa and Waaw.
Spoken Error Tracking System: S.E.T.S. TeLL me More pinpoints and highlights mispronounced words within individual sentences using the exclusive S.E.T.S. technology (Spoken Error Tracking System)
Phonetic Animations in 3D. 3D animations allow you to visualize the articulation of words with dynamic animations and advice on how to formulate words
MPEG Videos. Improve your listening comprehension and knowledge of Arab culture with full-screen MPEG videos covering a wide variety of topics, excerpted from documentaries.


  • Over 400 hours of learning.
  • More than 2,500 exercices.
  • Interactives dialogues.
  • 21 different activities.
  • 4,300 words glossary.
  • Grammar and Vocabulary.
  • Speech recognition.
  • Introduction to 2 Arabic Dialects for each package .
  • SETS: Spoken Error Tracking System.
  • 3D Phonetic Animations.
  • MPEG Videos.
  • Arabic Writing Workbook Included
  • Free headset with microphone included.

Supported languages:

Arabic, English


Stand-Alone or Single Workstation

Number of users:


Distribution media:


Program Interface:




System Requirements:

  • Windows NT/2000/XP
  • IBM PC-compatible computer
  • Pentium III 333 MHz or faster processor (Pentium III 650 MHz recommended)
  • 64 Mb RAM (128 Mb recommended)
  • 100 MB of free hard disk space
  • 8X CD-ROM drive or better
  • 16-bit Windows-compatible sound card
  • Video card (800 x 600 with 65536 colors or higher)
  • Microphone + speakers or headphones (included)
  • Arabic language support

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